Harmony Hall

Lita Eskin, Pres. HCC

A Community Asset

Harmony Hall is an asset of Charlton/Galway NY and the surrounding community in the New York Capital District, north of Albany. It's located on Route 67, 6 miles west of Ballston Spa, at Peaceable St. It has a large room suitable for meetings, lectures, luncheons/dinners, parties, dances, music, small theater productions, etc.

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Consider historic Harmony Hall for your next appropriate event in 2018. Enjoy.

2017 Public Events CANCELED

The story

The Mold Issue of 2017

The Short Story is: In April 2017 we discovered that a pipe broke in the restroom area. This caused a buildup of humidity and the development of mold. We called for a plumber to fix the break and called for some help on the mold issue. Experts told us that the mold was very dangeous to health and needed extensive specialist remediation - replacing all drywall, .... The cost is higher than our meager finances provide. Insurance after long negotiation agreed to cover most of the direct costs.

Given the extensive required work we would like to revise the restroom area to better accommodate wheel chair bound people. We ask for your financial help to preserve this historic building into the modern era

April 2017

A pipe burst in a rest room. The area was sealed and the air cleaned.

area area
Mold, particularly BLACK mold is seen as the major problem - a health hazard. 19
Note the moisture on the ceiling vent. 11
The door to the area - from the inside. 13

We got expert advice and then an estimate for remediation.

This does not include:
Needed adjustments of the area & Utility room and other unforseen expenses.


14 estimate
All of the drywall had to be removed and later replaced. We undertook the removal before the insurance arrangements were resolved. 18 in progress
All new insulation. 25 insulation

The neighboring cows were the major life around during 2017 so far.

Nearly all (20+) events had to be canceled.

29 cow
Harmony Hall is a Historic landmark for the area and we hope to keep it alive. 24 historic

Several of the Hall neighbors in Charlton & Galway have offered financial contributions toward renewing the Hall.

THANKS for this and any other help you can offer.


The address is 1401 Peaceable Street,

Ballston Spa, NY 12020


12 mailbox

Work in progress.



If possible we will try to adjust the restroom space to allow for wheel-chair users.

  17 HH



PS -

We could use some new board members for Harmony Community Center.

We had moves and some retirements.

Let Lita know of your interest in helping & availability.

HCC board

reminder of past events

Video of a Barn Dance at HCCSlide show

Slide show of a Folk Music Concert at HCC




  - Looking forward to the next
Community "Barn" Dance, etc.